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How to Find Relief and Move Better

Bottom Line:

You don't have to live in pain! Researchers have discovered that abnormal motion patterns are one of the leading causes of those chronic aches and pains. As a result, leading healthcare organizations now recommend spinal adjustments as one of the most "evidence-based" care options for natural pain relief.

Why it Matters:

When you focus on supporting the structure and function of your spine and body overall, you allow for the maximum expression of your health. Gentle adjustments to your spine to restore normal motion patterns can help to relieve pain, improve your range of motion, and positively influence your nervous system to improve your overall function. We suggest you look at your body holistically. Consider implementing our recommended stretches, exercises, and nutritional supplementation as part of an at home care routine to help improve and maintain the positive results of your care with us.

 Our care is focused on the structure and function of your body, spine, and nervous system.  The American College of Physicians recommends spinal adjustments as an alternative to risky pain masking drugs.

 Spinal adjustments work for you by stopping pain signals being sent to your brain, improving the range of motion of your joints, and positively influencing your nervous system.

Next Steps:

Some of the more common issues we help people with are headaches, low back pain, neck pain, spinal disc issues, and joint pain. Spinal adjustments can be extremely effective at helping you find quick relief from pain plus some positive “side effects” that may include increased energy, improved sleep, and better overall performance. Consider stopping in for your next adjustment today!

Science Source(s): Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief. Harvard Health. 2018. The mechanism of back pain relief by spinal manipulation relies on decreased temporal summation of pain. Neuroscience. 2017.

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