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Do I need my own clubs?

Although often times during the workout you will have a golf club in your hands, you do not need to bring your clubs.

Will you change my swing?

No, we will not alter your swing in any way. Swing changes will be addressed with your golf professional!

image_3.jpg Do I need to take lessons at the same time?

Taking lessons at the same time you are going through the rehab sessions is not necessary. However you may find that working with a swing coach may be beneficial considering that the program is designed to address physical limitations that are altering your most efficient swing.

What type of clothing should I wear?

You will be performing activities that will require you to be in workout apparel.

How long is each workout session?

Depending upon your physical fitness level, you can expect each session to take from 30-60 minutes

image_1.jpgThe Titleist Performance Institute is the cutting edge of golf fitness and health. During the physical screening process, we measure your body's mobility, stability, flexibility, strength, power, and balance. Then we help determine the most efficient way for you to transfer energy through your body into your golf swing.

image_2.jpgThese factors, as well as vision and posture all influence your body's mechanics. We will isolate any physical limitations, correlate these findings with your swing technique and prescribe a custom golf conditioning program to alleviate your swing restrictions.

What to expect!
Get Fit Like the Pros!

Titleist Perfomance Institute has developed a fitness program specifically designed to increase individual performance. The TPI program is beneficial for people of all ages and all skill levels. Whether you are a touring professional, senior player, athletic junior golfer or just learning to play golf, the TPI program will help improve flexibility, strength, balance and coordination regardless of age or ability.

Golf Fitness Initiation

On your first visit you will be taken through the phyisical screening process. This information will then be used to construct your personal rehabilitation program. The rehabilitation program will consist of various golf-specifi stretching and strengthening exercises. Upon completion of your program, you will be re-evaluated. After your re-evaluation, a comparison of your pre- and post-rehabilitation program findings will be discussed with you.

Improve Your Golf Swing Through Fitness!

image_4.jpgThe initial screen designed by the Titleist Performance Institute will help detect those physical limitations in your body that are preventing you from attaining your best possible swing. The screen provides information about your legs, hips, torso, shoulders, your address posture and your ability to coordinate all aspects of your swing (back swing, downswing, follow through, etc). Your results from the screen and issue of a golf fitness handicap will be reviewed with you, your swing coach, medical professional, and anyone else involved with the improvement of your game.


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