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Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Treatment And Rehabilitation

Sports medicine is defined by preventing, diagnosing and treating sports or exercise related injuries, specifically aches and pains of joints or muscles caused by physical activities. Because of the competitive nature of sports, a primary focus of sports medicine is the rapid recovery of patients. We also treat our non-competitive patients in a similar way. The whole goal is to allow our patients to return to their chosen athletic activities quickly and efficiently with sports chiropractic treatments.

Some of the most common sports injuries treated by a Sports Chiropractor are:

Muscle Pull: What is a muscle pull? A Muscle pull occurs when the stressors on a muscle are too strong for the muscle fibers to handle. The muscles try to contract normally and the muscle fibers tear. These injuries often occur during sporting events or while trying to move heavy objects. Muscle pulls are treated effectively with electrical stimulation and ART Technique.

Tennis Elbow/Golfer Elbow: These two conditions are similar on their respective sides of the elbow. These conditions are inflammation, soreness or pain in the elbow joint. Each can present as pinpoint or radiating pain originating in the elbow proper. Sometimes the pain can radiate into the upper arm or down into the forearm. These conditions can become nagging and continue to increase in intensity with time. ART therapy, with associated Kinesio taping techniques will get you on the right track to recovery.

Frozen Shoulder: Frozen shoulder is when the shoulder is painful and loses motion because of inflammation. This condition comes in many phases which increase with pain and decrease range of motion as they progress, until ultimately range of motion is lost. Treatment for frozen shoulders can be tough, but with the proper techniques, and mobilizations pain can be reduced and motion restored.

Runner's Knee: Runner's knee isn't really a condition itself. It's a loose term for several specific disorders with different causes. The best description of Runner’s Knee is an overuse injury which causes irritation of the nerves to the patella (knee cap) or overstretched tendons. (Tendons are what connect muscle to bone.). Treatment includes multiple physical medicine techniques and education about proper running technique and equipment.

Plantar fasciitis: What causes Plantar Fasciitis? Excessive stretch of plantar fascia (muscle at the bottom of the foot) can result in micro trauma of the plantar fascia at its insertion(Heal of the foot). Think of taking a rubber band which has been in the sun for weeks and pulling it apart multiple times. Think about how you start seeing little holes within the rubberband. This is similar to the plantar fascia. How do I fix this heal pain? The best success in treating this condition has been with ART Therapy, Kinesio Taping, stretching and associated Chiropractic manipulations.

Shin Splints: The term Shin Splints refers to pain along or just behind the tibia (shinbone), the large bone in the front of the lower leg. Shin splints occur during physical activity and result from too much force on the shinbone and connective tissue attaching muscles to it. Shin splints are common in runners and in those who participate in activities with sudden stops and starts. ART therapy is our preferred method to treat this particular condition, and we have great success.

Sprained Ankles: Sprained Ankles can be some of the easiest conditions to treat or some of the most difficult, depending on how long ago the injury occurred. The quicker we can get our hands on the injured ankle the quicker the person can return to their respective activities. ART Technique, Kinesio Taping and Chiropractic manipulations are the preferred techniques we use in treating all types of sprained ankles.

Piriformis Syndrome: What is Piriformis Syndrome you ask? Well Piriformis Syndrome is one type of sciatica. This condition presents with pain in the buttocks or down the back of the leg often associated with some sort of injury to the Piriformis muscle or scarring. We see this condition often in our runners. ART therapy is our preferred method to treat this particular condition, and we have great success.

Having a good Sports Chiropractor on your side can make a huge difference in the highly competitive amateur or professional sports. Don't let minor mishaps or training injuries sideline you for longer than necessary. Sports chiropractic treatments require no surgery and offer some great benefits and are at the forefront of Sports Medicine.

If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these particular conditions or anything similar, don't let the suffering continue. Get checked out and start on their road to recovery with Sports Chiropractic treatments.


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